With the summer weather warming up, your AC breaking down is the last thing you want to worry about during the summer months. As air conditioning season begins, keep in mind a few common problems that you should check for when you run on your system. Here are the common AC problems we come across:

Insufficient Maintenance

Having your air conditioner running for lengthy periods without being checked will cause more problems as time passes. Think of your air conditioner like your car, having regular maintenance keeps your car running in great shape. The same applies to your air conditioner, we recommend having your AC checked each season prior to starting each summer. The efficiency and operation of your system depends on routine air conditioner service. If air filters and coils become dirty without cleaning, it’s likely that it will affect the compressor, fan controls and general efficiency as the unit has to work twice as hard to cool the house, resulting in shorter lifespan of the unit. These common AC problems can be avoided by having regular AC tune-up each spring before using your air conditioning.

Component Failure

When your air conditioner is not operating efficiently, several components including the compressor and fan controls could be affected. When the AC system turns on and off too often, unnecessary stress is placed on the AC components resulting in improper operation and premature failure.

Thermostat Troubles

There are a variety of thermostat issues that might take place from low batteries to a thermostat sensor that is not calibrated correctly. If it has been a while since you last changed your thermostat batteries, it might be time to do so. We recommend replacing your batteries at least once per year in order to avoid any problems with the current settings you have in place. Your thermostat is in charge of your comfort desires for the system, keeping your home comfortable for you on the hottest of days. Another option is to upgrade your thermostat to a more energy efficient programmable or ‘smart’ model.

Knowing about common air conditioner problems can help you check a few basic items off the list if you’re having trouble with your system. This can help avoid expensive AC repairs or potential air conditioner replacement. If at any time you think you’re having problems with your air conditioner or need someone to take a look at your system give the experts at Builders Choice Air Systems a call at 519-492-7000 or schedule an appointment online here.