Summer is coming! Many of us are eager for warmer weather and relaxing summer days. To optimize your comfort and truly relax, ensure your air conditioner is ready for the summer heat. One of the keys to a fun summer in London is a reliable, efficient air conditioner. While Builder’s Choice Air Systems always recommends staying current with annual preventive air conditioning service, we’ve got several tips to help keep your air conditioner in top shape over the summer.

  • First, another chance to recall the most important rule of HVAC: monitor your air filter consistently. Replace your air filter as per the manufacturer’s suggestion
  • Be sure to uncover your air conditioning unit if you had covered it for the winter season. Turning on your air conditioner before removing the cover can cause seriously damage and lead to costly air conditioner repairs
  • Plants, leaves, tall grass and debris close to your unit outside can impact your AC’s functionality. Remove any debris and remove overgrowth that impedes on your unit before you turn it on this summer. Remember to check the outside unit at least once a month to keep it clear and optimize performance of your air conditioner
  • To get the best air quality and to be sure that your air conditioner is working efficiently, have your ducts cleaned out regularly. It’s also a favourable idea to have your ducts examined for leaks to establish that all that cooled air is going where you want it and not escaping through gaps
  • Consider installing a programmable thermostat to help you manage the efficiency of your air conditioner
  • Take a look at the slab your air conditioner unit is placed on, if applicable, and ensure the unit is properly levelled. This can cause unnecessary vibration and lead to future repairs

By following these few steps, you can save yourself from air conditioning service calls and keep you cool and comfortable during the warmer weather. If you need to make an appointment for your annual air conditioner service, or if you want any more tips or ideas to help get your air conditioner ready for summer, call Builder’s Choice Air Systems in London at 519-642-7000 today. Or, schedule an appointment with us using our online scheduler.