When most people think about humidity, it’s normally the outside humidity and how muggy or dry it appears to be. But if you ask any service technician experts about home comfort, humidity plays a big role in keeping our body comfortable. As we go through the year and our indoor air changes, humidity levels fluctuate as well. For your best comfort, the humidity levels in your home must be between 35 percent and 50 percent.

Dry air during the winter months in London can also affect respiratory comfort as it can dry out the mucous membranes in your throat and nose. This likely results in uncomfortable scratchy throats and noses. It also indicates that there could be an increased risk for colds and respiratory issues.

Check out the advantages of correct humidification, and talk with your Builders Choice Air Systems technicians during your annual furnace service appointment to learn more.

Having good humidity levels in your home can:

  • Save you from having to be worried about harming wood furniture, flooring and paint in your home
  • Lower the chance for static electricity and shocks
  • Provide you with the ideal environment to maintain your indoor plants, helping them live longer
  • Help relieve skin irritations and dry skin quickly and easily

Buying a humidifier for your home could be the best solution to control your home’s humidity levels, so make sure to ask the team at Builders Choice Air Systems about humidity control when you schedule your annual furnace service appointment. Humidity is a significant contributor to your personal comfort, so be sure you’re prepared this season. Give us a call at 519-642-7000 or schedule an appointment with us online to learn more about our humidification products.