Fall is often called the best-looking season of the year, when the heat of summer gives way to milder temperatures and the trees display brightly-colored leaves. The fall season is also the best time to have an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system tune-up with a heating and air conditioning expert. Regular maintenance is an important part of reliable heating system operation and longevity. Without maintenance, your system will function less efficient, be prone to breakdowns, and could even reach the end of its usable lifetime sooner than later. Taking the time to schedule a tune-up, even if your system appears to be functioning properly, will save you time, stress, and money over the long term.


Your heating and air conditioning system naturally loses its energy efficiency over time. This loss of efficiency is due to many factors, including dust and dirt, natural wear and tear, and buildup in drains or on burners. Keeping your heating system maintained with regular professional maintenance can eliminate these factors. During your tune-up, your maintenance technician will clean and check over your furnace, identifying areas of wear and tear. They can identify failing parts in need of replacement before they become a bigger problem. A tune-up alone can instantly improve energy efficiency by up to 20%. You’ll also enjoy cleaner air and a cleaner home because your HVAC system will distribute clean air through a clean air filter. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits you’ll enjoy following a fall furnace or AC tune-up is lower utility bills. A poorly-maintained HVAC system must work much harder to heat and cool your home, while a furnace or air conditioner that has been professionally tuned can take less energy to maintain indoor comfort. Your heating system will function more efficiently, and deliver superior heating at lower cost than you otherwise may have had during the coming months.


Your HVAC system is a valuable investment with a limited lifetime. Depending on use, with proper maintenance you can expect your furnace and air conditioner to last between 8-18 years before you will need to consider replacement. However, poor maintenance is one of the top reasons for earlier replacement HVAC systems prior to end of average life expectancy. Dirty or failing components can rob your furnace and air conditioner of more months and years of operation, by causing damage that may eventually leads to premature replacement.

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