Running your air conditioner all summer is certainly an effective way to keep cool when the temperatures rise, but you may not like the energy bills that match. There are many innovative ways to get creative and stay cool without sitting in front of the AC all day long. Check out these options to help keep you cool this summer.

  • Use ceiling and oscillating fans in addition to your AC to circulate the air efficiently. A fan alone won’t do much more than push warm air around, so use alongside your AC to effectively cool off all rooms of your home.
  • Store plastic water bottles in your freezer. Grab one when you’re headed out the door. You’ll have ice cold water that will start melting as the day wears on so you’re never out of refreshment.
  • Keep your blinds drawn. Did you know that 30% of unwanted heat originates from the windows? It’s true. You can lower your indoor temperature by 20 degrees when you use your blinds and curtains effectively.
  • At night, open your windows and capitalize on the lower temperatures. Let the air flow naturally throughout the house without having to resort to the AC kicking on all night.
  • Close the door to rooms you don’t need to cool, especially during the hottest part of the day.
  • Wear light-colored, loose-fitting cotton clothing rather than synthetics or dark clothing.
  • If you love to exercise outdoors, avoid the peaks hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Instead, run or jog in the early morning or early evening.
  • Put your lotions and creams in the fridge. Then, when you want to massage your feet or hands, the lotion will feel cool and refreshing.
  • Take cool showers or baths to beat the heat.
  • Place a frozen water bottle at the foot of your bed before going to sleep. Use a chilled sleep mask on your face as well. This will not only cool you down, but it will also reduce puffiness around the eyes.
  • Use cotton sheets and put the flannel ones in storage till fall. Use a buckwheat pillow for the ultimate in cool comfort, as buckwheat hulls feature a natural air space between them and won’t cling to your body heat like standard pillows will.
  • Switch your lights to CFLs, or compact fluorescent lamps, and ditch the incandescent bulbs, which waste 90 percent of their energy in the heat they generate.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which both work to dehydrate you.
  • Use exhaust fans in your bathrooms and kitchens to remove steam from showers or cooking that can really make it feel sticky inside.

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