Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of fatal poisoning in North America. Carbon monoxide (CO2) is colourless, odourless and tasteless making it almost impossible to detect. Exposure to high concentrations of carbon monoxide can cause death in minutes.  Below is some great information to help keep you and your family safe.

Carbon monoxide alarms are a source of warning that can provide extra protection between maintenance visits.  They are NOT a substitute for regular inspection and maintenance, nor are they a substitute for smoke alarms.

Buying tips

  • Buy an alarm certified to the latest Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements, displaying the CSA logo.
  • Look for a battery operated unit or a 110-volt plug-in model with a battery backup in case the power fails.
  • Look for a model that clearly lists the replacement date and warranty period.
  • Peak-level display and hours-since-peak features can help you investigate CO problems — they show the highest level of carbon monoxide reached, as well as how long ago the reading occurred.

Installation tips

  • The best place to install carbon monoxide detectors is in the hallway outside your bedrooms (on each level if you have more than one floor).
  • Don’t install a carbon monoxide alarm in or near an attached garage or carport or near the door leading into the house from the garage or carport.
  • Don’t install a carbon monoxide alarm in your furnace room, kitchen or within 15 feet of any fuel-burning appliance.

A regular HVAC Maintenance and a CSA approved carbon monoxide detector are imperative to keeping you and your family safe.  Builder’s Choice Air Systems offers a routine furnace maintenance for $127.50 and has CSA approved carbon monoxide detectors available for purchase. Call us to schedule an appointment today 519-642-7000.