Whether or not to replace your home’s air conditioner is probably one of the biggest decisions you will make this summer. Choosing between an AC repair or an entire air conditioner replacement is a call you may have to consider. We have put together a guide for you to know when it’s time to stop investing in AC repairs and choose to replace your air conditioner.

Increasing Age

Like many mechanical devices, air conditioners will eventually give out over time. With a new air conditioner, new technology gives you greater comfort and much longer reliability for less money. You can compare heating and air conditioning equipment to your home computer. The technology is always being upgraded and advanced, with newer features continuously being created.

Increasing AC Repair Costs

With your air conditioner there are parts that wear and break down over time, especially if no routine maintenance was performed. A well-maintained air conditioner should work well throughout peak air conditioning season. A good rule of thumb when deciding to replace the air conditioner is that if annual AC repair costs are reaching over $1,000, it’s likely a good time to replace. Replacing your air conditioner will decrease costs on your energy bill, increased comfort and reliability for years to come.

Decreasing Efficiency

The older your AC system gets, the more inefficient it becomes. Noticing increases in your energy bill doesn’t take much when it happens each month. It can be easily written off, but be sure to take a closer look at the energy you’re consuming and see if those increases are due to higher usage, or more likely due to something else like the lower efficiency of your home’s air conditioner.

Noise Pollution

Older air conditioners run much louder than today’s new AC systems. That loud noise you’ve become accustomed to, or the overall noise level when the air conditioner is running could mean the end is near for your air conditioner. You may not realize how much noise you and your family have been living with until you hear the extreme quiet that a newer, more modern air conditioning system provides.

These aren’t the only concerns that show off the need for air conditioner replacement, but they are more common problems that we get service calls for. Builders Choice Air Systems can help by giving you a free assessment of your home’s air conditioning system to help determine whether your air conditioner should be replaced, or if it’s best for a simple repair.  London has trusted us for a reason, and that’s because your satisfaction is our top priority. Give us a call at 519-642-7000 or set up a free appointment today.