Buying a new furnace for your home is one of the bigger decisions you’ll make as a homeowner. It’s important that you think of the cost of a new furnace as an investment that will pay you dividends in the future. Below are some tips and advice to help you decided if it’s time to upgrade your gas furnace.


Any new furnace will offer you decent operational cost savings over the old furnace currently residing in your basement, which is definitely a tangible benefit of making the decision to upgrade. We’ve seen old furnaces that have lasted over 20+ years but are operating at 60% (or less) efficiency, which means that nearly half of your utility costs are being totally wasted. You don’t need to be good in math to understand that if you can save 40% or more off your monthly heating bills, then you can get a pretty quick return on your investment.


Furnaces in Canada work pretty hard. It gets cold here – really cold sometimes. We also have a lot of fluctuation in our daily temperatures, especially in the fall and early spring, which means that your furnace ends up sprinting at times to get to an ideal temperature, only to have the thermostat turned back while somebody is away at work during the day. This can cause strain on any furnace, let alone a very old one, and one of the top reasons why people upgrade is the cost of maintenance and repairs outweighs the cost of a new unit. Why spend several hundred dollars a year to keep an inefficient furnace running, when you could purchase a new one for less?


Major HVAC suppliers typically run a rebate program at least once per year. We do a lot of work with Amana, and they have many rebate specials, contact us for more details! One of the key elements to almost any rebate program is that the unit needs to be installed by a licensed and authorized HVAC professional (like us!).

The reality is that most people wait too long before deciding to replace their furnace. It can be complicated and expensive, which makes it intimidating and generally not a fun experience for the homeowner. However, most HVAC professionals  offer free estimates. We can help you crunch the numbers, write it down on paper and help you make sense of the decision, which alleviates much of the stress.