Clean Your Air

The Homeowner’s Choice to Breathe Easier is
The iWave-R Air Purifier

$995.00 + tax Installed

Mitsubishi Electric

The iWave-R is a No Maintenance Air Purifier

for Residential Air Conditioning Systems

Install the iWave-R air purifier in any brand of residential duct system to purify the air in your home. The ionization process kills mold, bacteria and viruses while also reducing allergens, smoke and static electricity and controlling odours and other particles.


After 60 minutes in the chamber, the Human Coronavirus 229E was reduced by 90%View Report


The patented self-cleaning design includes a programmable cleaning cycle that can clean the emitter brushes every 1, 3, 5 or 10 days.

Air Purification

Air is actively treated with the iWave-R killing bacteria, viruses and mold plus reducing allergens and odours

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