Amana Air Conditioners

With Amana brand air conditioners, your comfort and savings start with a high-efficiency compressor designed to provide years of reliable cooling comfort. You can rest assured it’s an Amana brand.

• 8 models for all home sizes and needs
• UP TO 24.5 SEER
• ComfortBridge™ technology compatible
• High-Efficiency

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Product Advantages with this Choice

Amana Air Conditioners provide premium comfort in your home, a brand you can trust who are known for quality, efficiency, and low operating sound. Not only do they come with a 10 year parts limited warranty and a lifetime replacement limited warranty, but the installation of a new air conditioner may qualify you for a rebate! Contact us today to learn more.


Amana Air Conditioning systems have been engineered to perfection with enhancements such as a specially designed sound-control top, CoreSense Diagnostics, and an energy efficient scroll compressor designed to provide quiet operation and years of reliable cooling comfort.

Advanced Technology

Constantly monitoring the performance of your air conditioner, this advanced diagnostics system provides insight for accurate troubleshooting plus quick diagnosis and repairs. Using the compressor as a sensor, CoreSense Diagnostics delivers active protection and will proactively shut the system down should it detect conditions that could damage to compressor.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency equates to cost savings. The higher the SEER, the greater the efficiency—and the lower the operating cost. Compared to lower SEER units found in many homes, Amana brand Air Conditioner provides significant savings on your electric bill.

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