Lifebreath Heat Recovery Ventilators

Lifebreath Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) are the best choice for ventilating homes or workplaces. These units are designed to provide fresh air in the building while exhausting the stale air to the outside. With a Lifebreath HRV you are preventing moisture build-up, toxic mold and rot inside your home.

• Perfect balance of heat recovery and airflow
• Discreet and compact design
• Comprised of non-toxic aluminum plates
• Durability in all climates

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Product Advantages with this Choice

With the Lifebreath Heat Recovery Ventilator you are getting the most efficient, durable and easy to maintain product of its kind on the market. Because of their high-quality constructed core, Lifebreath offers the best-in-class lifetime warranty. There is a manufacturer guarantee of a life time warranty on the core and a 5 year warranty on replacement parts.


Since the cores are made with aluminum unlike competitive products these units give excellent cold temperature performance and durability. Along with the long-life time of these cores being aluminum they are also non-toxic and do not emit gas.

Advanced Technology

Lifebreaths patented counter cross flow design guarantees a maximum displacement of energy throughout the heat recovery core. This allows for the maximum possible heat transfer.

Energy Efficiency

Lifebreath’s HRV units are designed to be highly energy efficient, with many models earning the ENERGY STAR®.  Fresh air is provided into your home without adding load to your heating or air conditioning units, delivering significant energy savings.

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